Hardened RFID Tags

Implement proven, hardened RFID tag solutions that withstand the most harsh and challenging environments.

RFID Tags Built to Last

Our hardened RFID tags are engineered to defy the elements, withstand harsh physical challenges and deliver consistent performance when and where it matters most.

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RFID Tags With Rugged Construction

From extreme temperatures and heavy impacts to exposure to moisture and chemicals, hardened RFID tags stand up to it all, ensuring uninterrupted operation in the most challenging environments.
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RFID Tags That Resist Environmental Extremes

Whether your assets are in scorching deserts, frigid Arctic environments or corrosive industrial settings, hardened RFID tags are up to the task.
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RFID Tags for Long-Term Reliability & Cost Savings

The ruggedized construction and resistance to wear and tear ensure the long-term reliability of hardened RFID tags. This longevity not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also translates into significant cost savings.

We hit the tag with a sledgehammer multiple times, and it’s survived countless hours of rigid testing.

Kathy Gannon
Industry Expert

Hardened RFID Tag Designs for Any Application

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HID has broad and deep experience designing hardened RFID tags for a variety of applications in demanding environments and conditions. We understand the unique requirements of industries that face extreme elements and physical stress. Our tags are designed to be configurable to meet exact requirements, offering a variety of integrated chips, mounting options, form factors and operating frequencies — all without affecting the visual look or functional needs of the product or asset.

Application Examples: 

  • Asset tracking in extreme environments
  • Aerospace components 
  • Automotive parts 
  • Marine equipment 
  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Tools & equipment management
  • Outdoor sporting goods
  • High-value assets 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are hardened RFID tags and how do they differ from standard RFID tags?

Hardened RFID tags, also known as ruggedized or industrial RFID tags, are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and physical stress. They differ from standard RFID tags in their durability and resilience, making them suitable for challenging environments.

2. Which industries are hardened RFID tags commonly used in?

Hardened RFID tags find applications in various industries including manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, construction, logistics, mining, healthcare, and more, wherever asset tracking in demanding conditions is crucial.

3. What makes hardened RFID tags resistant to extreme environmental conditions?

Hardened RFID tags are constructed from durable materials such as high-temperature plastics or ceramics and are often encapsulated in rugged enclosures. They are engineered to resist damage from factors like moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures and physical impacts.

4. Can hardened RFID tags be used on metal surfaces?

Yes, many hardened RFID tags are designed to function effectively on metal surfaces, overcoming the interference caused by metal, making them ideal for tracking metal assets and equipment.

5. What are the advantages of using hardened RFID tags in asset tracking?

Hardened RFID tags provide enhanced durability, reliability and visibility in challenging environments. They improve asset tracking accuracy, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize operations in industries with rugged conditions.

6. Are hardened RFID tags compatible with existing RFID systems?

Yes, hardened RFID tags can often be integrated seamlessly into existing RFID systems, ensuring compatibility with RFID readers and software solutions commonly used in your industry.

7. How long do hardened RFID tags typically last in extreme conditions?

The lifespan of hardened RFID tags can vary depending on factors such as the specific tag, environmental conditions and usage. However, they are designed for long-term reliability and can endure years of operation in demanding environments.

8. Can hardened RFID tags be customized to meet specific industry needs?

Yes, the size, shape, data encoding, and attachment methods of hardened RFID tags can be customized to meet your unique business requirements.

9. Do hardened RFID tags require special readers or equipment?

While some hardened RFID tags may require specialized readers for optimal performance in extreme conditions, they can often be used with standard RFID readers.

10. What are the key considerations for selecting the right type of hardened RFID tag for a specific industry or use case?

Selecting the right hardened RFID tag involves considering factors such as environmental conditions, the type of assets to be tracked, required read ranges and the frequency band.


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