HID® Crescendo® Minidriver 8.2.0.msi

File Name
HID Global Crescendo Minidriver-8.2.0.msi
File Size
9.2 MB
Date Released
Product Line
Operating Systems (OS)
Windows 10 x64
Windows 11 x64
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022
Release Notes

Supported devices: Crescendo 2300 cards and Crescendo Key devices, with applet 3.0.3.

The Crescendo Minidriver is required to allow CNG applications, like the MMC certificates snap-in, to update key pairs and certificates in Crescendo 2300 cards and Crescendo Key devices. Note that Windows provides a native PIV minidriver that is enough for regular users who just need to use the certificates in the card for authentication, signature and encryption.

Minidriver 8.2 adds the following bug fixes:

  • LSA Protection issue in Windows 22H2/23H2 Installation 
  • Change in internal PowerShell script signing 

Documentation: https://docs.hidglobal.com/crescendo-tools/MiniDriver/home.htm