Omni-ID® Is Now Part of HID®

Omni-ID’s specialized tags for harsh environments, unique custom designs and powerful IoT sensors are now integrated into HID’s ever-expanding universe of industry-leading RFID solutions.

HID Acquired Omni-ID

Read the press release announcing the acquisition.

As part of the process to integrate the Omni-ID brand into HID, the HID logo will now start to appear in place of the Omni-ID logo.

Custom RFID — Tags to Your Exact Requirements

Now enhanced with Omni-ID’s remarkable portfolio of RFID custom and unique RFID tag designs, HID offers form factors that cover virtually every type of footprint from miniature to massive and virtually every type of surface from wood to metal and beyond.

Learn Even More About HID’s Innovative RFID Solutions

HID is the global leader when it comes to RFID solutions for industries from healthcare to manufacturing to hospitality and more. Our expert engineers leverage decades of experience to provide innovative state-of-the-art RFID technologies that meet your organization’s needs, while enabling you to cut costs and drive ROI. Here are just a few of the many solutions we offer: