Secure Online and Mobile Banking

to prevent fraudsters and ensure
trusted online transactions.

HID Global
Secure Online & Mobile Banking

For more than a decade, HID Global has enabled regional and global banks to provide their customers secure and convenient online and mobile banking. With HID Global, financial institutions can inspire confidence and increase adoption of online channels by offering their customers a worry-free, secure and convenient experience, which in turn contributes to their bottom line.

HID Global makes it easy for banks to deploy a layered security solution that best meets their diverse needs and complies with heightened regulatory requirements. Financial service organizations can cost-effectively deliver trust to their retail, corporate, private banking and insurance services while minimizing their risk with HID Global’s solution portfolio:

ActivID® Authentication
The ActivID® Authentication platform is used by enterprises and banks worldwide to secure access to networks, cloud applications and online services to prevent breaches. The solution facilitates compliance with current FFIEC guidance, PCI DSS and equivalent mandates, policies and guidelines.

ActivID® Threat Detection Service
The ActivID® Threat Detection Service protects businesses and consumers from cybercrime, guarding customer data and defending against fraudulent access, malware, and breaches. With no impact on the user, the service protects online transactions from a wide range of threats, including Trojan and man-in-the-browser attacks. It also helps businesses detect and prevent fraud from compromised devices or accounts.

ActivID® Authentication Devices
HID Global offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software-based one-time password (OTP) tokens, which can be initialized at time of issuance and do not expire.