Partner Services

Service Models

We provide a wide range of technical and development support to our partners through the following service models:

Technology Partner Service

For organizations interested in embedding HID Technology in their solutions, Technology Partner Service (TPS) was developed to simplify integrations and facilitate the promotion of joint solutions.

Various membership levels and access to the following benefits are available through our Technology Partner Service:

  • Utilization of HID’s technology portfolio to develop your solutions
  • Assistance from highly qualified and niche technical resources
  • Service support from a dedicated point-of-contact who tracks and routes all integration and development matters
  • Recognition on the HID Global website
  • Networking opportunities with HID’s partner and customer base

Implementation Partner Service

Designed for select HID Advantage Partners interested in offering value-added Professional Services for their own customers, our Implementation Partner Service (IPS) provides the following benefits:

  • Access to products, training, tools and the support needed to engage customers and to manage, implement, operate and maintain Genuine HID Products and Solutions
  • Dedicated point-of-contact who tracks and routes all deployment and implementation matters
  • Recognition and promotion on the HID Global website as an accredited Professional Services Partner
  •  Networking opportunities with HID’s partner and customer base

HID Mobile Access Integration Service

This Technology Partner Service (TPS) framework is specifically designed for partners who want to integrate their Physical Access Control Solutions (PACS) with Mobile Apps using the HID Mobile Access® to extend secure access to buildings, networks, applications and much more.

The HID Mobile Access Integration Service provides access to the following resources:

  • An integration workshop to facilitate effective implementation and a TPS starter pack that includes developer toolkits to enable development work
  • Integration support and maintenance, including 40 hours of assistance and a dedicated point-of-contact
  • All benefits available in the Technology Partner Service (TPS) model
HID Mobile Access TPS Subscription Integration Support Integration Package Integration Workshop TPS Starter Pack Dedicated Point-of-Contact 40 Hours of Assistance Day 1: Training & SDK Overview Day 2: Requirements & design discussions Mobile Access App SDK & PORTAL SDK Documentation Demo Mobile IDs R10 Reader Access to SME SLA Response Time Access to Issue Tracking [email protected]


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