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HID Global Advantage Partner Program

To support our entire channel and fuel more collaborative relationships, the HID Global Advantage Partner Program is now one unified program extending to additional partner types. It offers two program categories to align with your business model and route to market.

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Why Join the Advantage Partner Program?

The Advantage Partner is built to motivate and reward partner loyalty and performance. When you join, we provide you with:

  • Ongoing enablement, marketing and sales support resources
  • Structured incentive programs and enhanced benefits
  • A digital partner community to help you grow your business and increase profitability

Top 10 FAQs About the 2017 Program

As we rollout the enhanced HID Global Advantage Partner Program, the Channel Program Team would like to share 10 important questions (and their answers) to better inform you of key Program changes and to help get you excited about what’s ahead.

top10 FAQs partner program 2017 v2Why has the Program been updated?1We have updated the program to provide our partners with full transparency and enhancedloyalty benefits and rewards. We wanted togive our partners a single tier status andeliminate discounts and pricing from theprogram. Most importantly, we wanted torecognize and enable our full partnereco-system.Do I need to sign a new Program agreement?2No. However, you will need to be reassessed to make sure you meet the new Program criteria.If you do not meet the criteria for your currenttier, you will be moved to the correct tier.What are the two Program Categories?31. Resell: This category is tiered (Platinum, Gold,Silver) and includes Integrators,Distributors, and OEMs.2. Technology: This category has no tiers andincludes Embedded (OEM), TechnologyAlliances, and Managed Services.Can a partner have multiple partner types?4No. You can only have one partner type (Distributor, Integrator, OEM), and it is based onyour relationship with HID and route to market.When will the changes to existing partners with multiple tiers for different segmentson the Partner Locator transfer to theAdvantage Partner Program 2017 singletier logo?5Advantage Partners who are enrolled in the Program with multiple tiers will move to a singletier. You will no longer have multiple tiers onthe Partner Locator or multiple logos fordifferent business segments. You will now haveone tier as a member in the Advantage PartnerProgram, Advantage Platinum, Advantage Gold,or Advantage Silver.What is a Program Assessment?6To join the Program, you must receive a completed Program Assessment. This is anautomated process that objectively determinesa Reseller Partner’s single tier designation(Silver, Gold, Platinum). It is conducted at theHID Global relationship level, which combinesall global business segments revenue (exceptfor GovID). It is based on total revenue acrossall HID products, product mix revenue, andtechnical competency (Academy LearningPaths), technology integration, andplanning/coordination.Do Technology Partners need to complete a Program Assessment for membership in theAdvantage Partner Program?7Yes. You must meet specific business and product criteria based on your route to market,such as, program agreement, product segmentcompetency, technology integration and planand coordinate.How do Advantage Partners get their discounts and pricing on HID products andsolutions?8For current partners that have access to discount — there is no action required. The accounts willcontinue to have access to pricing.Can Indirect Partners join the Advantage Partner Program?9Absolutely! Indirect Resell Partners who purchase HID products through third-partysources, such as Distributors or OEMs, may nowjoin the Advantage Partner Program. We believeour indirect partners will help us reach newterritories and end-users we would nototherwise have competent access to.What is Product Competency?10Partners earn points towards the product competency section of the assessment bycompleting Genuine HID Academy LearningPath certifications in the Sales and Technologylearning tracks. For partners enrolled in the HIDAdvantage Partner Program, certification isavailable after completing the learning pathcurriculum.

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The Resell category is tiered with three membership levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum). Resell Partners must meet program requirements annually to maintain tier status with the opportunity to move up in tier status. The Advantage Partner Program supports the following Resell Partner types:

  • Integrators
  • OEMs (Component-Purchasing)
  • Distributors


Technology is a new category within the Advantage Partner Program. It supports a wider range of partner types under a single program without membership tiers, including:

  • Embedded OEMs
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Technology Alliance Partners