HID Global Helps Create a Safer Learning Environment for Students, Faculty and Staff at Cervantes High School in Mexico

AUSTIN, Texas, July 19, 2017 -- HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that its mobile access and advanced smart card offering were selected by Cervantes High School in Guadalajara, Mexico to help create a safer learning environment. The solution protects the Cervantes educational community from threats posed by unauthorized visitors while turning the high school into a technology showcase where students, faculty and staff carry campus IDs on their mobile phones to securely access multiple entrance points on campus.

“Being able to present campus IDs using their mobile phones has been particularly attractive to students because of its convenience and novelty,” said Marist Brother Alejandro González González, Principal at Cervantes High School, Guadalajara. “The system has not created any bottlenecks at school entrances, and the administrative process has proven to be very simple.” 

Taking advantage of a major modernization program, Cervantes High School implemented the HID Mobile Access® solution at school entrance turnstiles to better protect what had previously been an open campus with uncontrolled access, and provide a convenient way to carry campus IDs on mobile phones. The school has issued approximately 1,500 Mobile IDs, along with the same number of Seos® cards to offer users the freedom of using either their phones or smart cards to quickly and easily gain access to any campus entrance point.  Both options feature strong cryptographic security to minimize any possibilities of ID cloning or fraud.

“We wanted to offer Cervantes High School the latest technology and more choices to users by ensuring they had the freedom to use both Mobile IDs and traditional physical ID cards,” said Jorge Navarro, Commercial Director with system integrator Amcorp Security Group México, the HID Global partner in charge of the installation.

“We are very pleased that innovative HID technology has made the Cervantes community feel safer and proud to be at the forefront of exciting new campus innovations,” said Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control Solutions with HID Global. “This is an outstanding example of how HID’s trusted identity solutions are creating convenient ways to help transform school campuses into model institutions where students can learn more freely.”

The HID Global deployment has proven to be highly effective and easy to use, prompting Cervantes High School to explore deploying HID Mobile Access and Seos smart cards for secure access to classrooms in the future.

Download the full case study for more information.  To learn more about HID’s trusted identity solutions, go to www.hidglobal.com

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