HID Global Showcases New Innovations for Improved Security in Government-to-Citizen ID Credentials at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) TRIP Symposium 2016

News Highlights:

  • HID Global introduces its new OSM Multitech card, which enables a contactless microcontroller chip to be embedded in an OSM card, providing customers a high level of security.
  • The company announces the eWindow security feature for Government ID card applications that creates a unique design in the shape of a word or logo in a clear window, using the card’s embedded RFID antenna.
  • The company also announces two new security features for Thin Polycarbonate eDatapage: the UV Full Color Picture and Clear Window security features which further enhance the dynamic protection for both standard and Thin eDatapages.
  • As part of the company’s mobility initiative, HID Global is performing live demonstrations of its new HID goID™ platform for mobile IDs, the first technology to enable secure over-the-air provisioning of citizen IDs to their smartphones.

AUSTIN, Texas, November 9, 2016 - HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, is showcasing its broad offering of citizen ID solutions at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) TRIP Symposium 2016, November 15-17 in Montreal, Quebec. The company is also announcing the introduction of its Optical Security Media (OSM) Multitech card for Government ID applications. This combination of unique technologies (DBond™ and OSM), already used in the award-winning Ireland Passport Card program, provides customers the highest level of counterfeiting resistance to increase card security and protect an individual’s identity.

In addition, the company is highlighting three new security enhancements added to its card and datapage offering; the eWindow security feature which uses a unique laser customization of the antenna design in order to create a word or logo inside the clear window on the card, the UV Full Color Picture feature which uses full-color UV inks to produce secure, highly customized images that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and its Clear Window security feature that allows personalized images to be viewed from both sides of the card or datapage.

Finally, as part of the company’s mobility initiative, HID Global is demonstrating its recently launched HID goID™ platform for mobile IDs that enables driver’s licenses and other government-issued forms of identification - such as vehicle registration cards, identity cards, resident’s permits or other special licences- to be used on smartphones, safely and securely without compromising a citizen’s privacy.

HID Global is demonstrating its solutions at stand 55 at the ICAO World Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Demonstrations include:

  • OSM Multitech Card: This new product combines HID Global’s advanced DBond™ and OSM technologies in order to create a new and highly secure card. This card enables the storage of information on different parts of the credential via laser engraving, OSM stripe encoding and chip storage, helping to protect the identities of citizens in an increasingly challenging world environment. This feature enhancement adds to the legacy of the OSM card which has never been compromised in any global application.
  • eWindow Security Feature: Today, conventional wire antenna design is only used for the RFID functionality of the contactless card. HID Global’s eWindow security feature (patent pending) is the laser customization of the antenna design in order to create a word, a logo or even create a frame when the clear window is laser personalized. Counterfeiters attempting to remove or replace the clear window of the card will destroy the RFID functionality.
  • UV Full Color Picture Security Feature: This new product is an enhancement of HID Global’s existing portfolio of on-card security features for its new thin datapage product.  The UV Full Color Picture features an image that is invisible under daylight yet visible in vibrant color when exposed to UV light. Full color UV requires the use of security inks with restricted availability, specialist pre-press expertise and high precision printing processes. The result is a covert security feature which is very difficult to simulate, but very easy to verify with a standard UV lamp.
  • Clear Window Security Feature: The security feature is a transparent window with a personalized image that can be viewed from each side of the datapage. Clear Window is available for both electronic datapage versions, the standard configuration (800µm thick) and the thin configuration (600µm thick). The security feature is very difficult to reproduce, especially when combined with other security features such as secure print, Department of Vehicles IDs or tactile relief.
  • HID goID™ Platform for Mobile IDs: HID Global’s mobile innovation enables citizen identity credentials to be carried on smartphones that become all-in-one devices for receiving, presenting and authenticating mobile IDs – all with the highest level of privacy protection. HID Global’s goID technology improves the user experience and extends trust to offline mobile credential authentication, while enabling secure access to cloud-based government services. It is powered by the company’s proven Seos® technology, which provides a safe and secure way to provision mobile IDs to smartphones, is complimentary to physical documents, and adds trust and security to citizen IDs.

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