FlexSmart®/ MIFARE® DESFire®

HID Global delivers a complete solution of secure smart card IDs and credentials in a variety of form factors for physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications.

HID provides the industry’s broadest range of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags and keyfobs. As part of its portfolio, HID offers non technology IDs as well as single technology, multi technology, and contact chip-based smart cards.

1434 MIFARE Classic Keyfob Smart Card
13.56 MHz Contactless KeyFob
HID® MIFARE®/DESFire® EV1 / HID Prox® Combo 1451 Card
13.56 MHz ISO Thick, Photo Imageable proximity card for improved credential-based security.
1435 HID MIFARE Classic 13.56 MHz Adhesive Smart Card Tag
Upgrade for Magstripe and Barium Ferrite Cards - turns a plastic ID badge into a contacless smart card credential.
1451x MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 + HITAG1 Smart Card
Smart card solution with SIO Solution for MIFARE DESFire EV1 and HITAG1for migration to iCLASS SE platform
1455 HID MIFARE DESFire Smart Card Tag
Upgrade for Magstripe & Barium Ferrite Cards - turns plastic ID cards into secure smart card credentials
1431 MIFARE Classic & HID Prox Combo Card
ISO Thick, Photo Imageable, contactless proximity smart card
1450 MIFARE DESFire EV1 Smart Card
13.56 MHz ISO thick, photo Imageable smart card improves credential-based security