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HID® Magnetic Stripe Reader 740

Ruggedized Swipe
HID Magnetic Stripe Reader 740

Most mainstream entry systems use some form of plastic ID card or badge because they are easy to carry and use. You can utilize the same card, for a single or multiple purposes.

Magnetic stripe cards offer these advantages and more. In addition to their familiarity, they let the owners choose badge size and artwork, from simple, single-purpose access cards to customized photo ID badges. The same magnetic stripe card can be double encoded for uses ranging from door access and parking to cafeteria meals and book checkouts. Card encoding (including photo ID fabrication) can either be done at the factory, at the dealer's facility, or even at the owner's facility for ultimate control over the card making process.

Key Features:

  • Ruggedized construction for outdoor applications including airports and schools.
  • Connects to access control systems with Wiegand or Clock-and-Data interface format
  • Optional card slot heater available
  • Reads security badges, time-and-attendance badges, and parking cards
  • Reads head assembly adjustable to Track 1 or 2
  • Mounts on standard electrical boxes or wall

Data Tracks

Track 1 and 2; high or low coercivity

Card Size

CR-80 2.125" H x 3.375" L x 0.03" + - .003" thick (54mm H x 86mm L x .76mm + - .07mm thick)


5.125" x 6.75" x 3"; 130 x 171 x 76mm

Output Format

Wiegand 26-bit, Wiegand 34-bit, all bits

Wiegand, and Clock-and-Data

Card Format



EMPI / 26 or 34-bit Wiegand

10 Digit ANSI/ISO* / 26 or 34-bit Wiegand

ANSI/ISO / All bits Wiegand or Clock-and-Data up to 37 characters

* First five digits are site code, last five are card number


27-month limited warranty covering parts and labor (magnetic stripe reader heads are not covered under this warranty; for complete details, please see HID's Sales Policy)