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RFID transponders in LF, HF, UHF for enclosure into virtually any other items
LF RFID technology enables improved tracking of plastic bins and containers
Thin, robust UHF tags that mount to any surface material and deliver long read ranges.
Robust, all-purpose RAIN® UHF transponders mount to any surface, and supply long read ranges worldwide.
Cost-effective, LF disc-shaped RFID tags for indoor applications
ISO cards, optimized for secure, non-replicable interactions with HID Trusted Tag Services.
Miniature tags mount or embed discreetly to tools, equipment, medical instruments and more
Nail-shaped LF RFID tag easily hammers into trees and containers for tracking wooden assets
Tags with integrated fasteners prevent tampering with the contents of sealed containers
Versatile disc-shaped RFID tags designed to perform in the toughest conditions.
Durable, LF RFID tags that perform in high temperature environments
Highly robust maintenance-free passive low frequency (LF) RFID tags designed for fueling automation systems
RFID tags that withstand the harsh environments of waste management
Discreet RFID Tags that withstand liquid immersion, high pressure conditions and extreme temperatures.
Wafer-thin UHF RFID tags that can tolerate the harsh conditions of industrial processing.
Versatile low and high frequency RFID tags with exceptional performance
Pliable HF and UHF tags that withstand exposure to harsh elements, chemicals, pressure and torsion.
Slim RAIN® UHF transponders for surface-mounting to indoor assets like office furniture and tech equipment.
Safe, reliable, effective RFID tags for pets, livestock and lab animals
LF and UHF RFID transponders for tagging metal returnable transport containers
Tag non-metal media quickly and effectively to enable RFID-powered applications.
Extra thin LF, HF and UHF RFID tags
LF & HF disc-shaped RFID tags with extreme impact resistance ready for outdoor use
Low frequency RFID transponders that embed effectively into custom enclosures
Compact UHF RFID tags that enable tracking of metal assets in harsh environments
Linen and Garment tags that withstand up to 300 commercial laundry cycles
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