HID® Acura™ HexaPad UHF RFID Readers

HexaPad-10 slim-profile, desktop readers
HID® Acura™ HexaPad UHF RFID Readers black

The HexaPad-10 USB is an innovative desktop reader that utilizes UHF RFID technology. This reader is powered directly through the computer's USB port or POS, and it can easily emulate a keyboard to automatically read tags. This feature makes the HexaPad-10 USB an ideal choice for businesses that require a practical and versatile UHF RFID reading solution, such as POS. The device also offers flexibility for custom development and integration, allowing you to create your own unique solution using the available API to tailor the device to your specific needs. 

The HexaPad-10 BC (barcode) is an iteration of the HexaPad-10 that seamlessly integrates RFID technology with a barcode module. This hybrid design positions it as an optimal solution for applications demanding concurrent RFID and barcode functionalities. By consolidating both technologies into a single device, the HexaPad-10 BC eliminates the need for two separate devices, streamlining efficiency in tag and barcode reading processes. Beyond its shared functionalities with the HexaPad-10, this version offers additional configuration options tailored for the barcode module. Its versatility is further emphasized by its USB-powered operation, facilitating easy data transmission and establishing it as a flexible and adaptable tool suitable for diverse operational scenarios.

Overall, the HexaPad-10 USB and HexaPad-10 BC are highly capable and adaptable readers that offer excellent performance and convenience in a single device.

Key Features

  • Two different operating modes: (1) autonomous mode for automatic readings and, (2) transparent mode for software development and programming
  • Communication and power via USB port
  • Built-in antenna that restricts unwanted readings
  • Ideal for POS applications
  • Compact RFID UHF reader with a built-in antenna that restricts unwanted readings
  • Seamless integration with RFID solutions for effortless implementation

For more details, please refer to the HexaPad datasheet or contact us.

  • USB Type A male connector
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Convert the RFID tag through the GS1 standard label for checkout
  • API for software development in C, .NET (C#) and Java
  • Incorporated antenna designed to restrict undesired readings
HID® Acura™ HexaPad UHF RFID Readers gray
HID® Acura™ HexaPad UHF RFID Readers white
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