HID HDP® Printing Materials

consumables to maximize the performance of FARGO HDP printers

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  • Fargo HDP Printing Materials

High Definition Materials

HID Global provides a variety of HDP® materials and accessories to optimize the performance of your FARGO® HDP5000, HDPii and HDP8500 printer/encoders.

  • HDP Print Ribbons and Film: High Definition Printing™ ribbons and HDP Film combine to produce virtually tamperproof and durable cards with crisp, 300 dpi images - even on the surface of technology cards. High Durable HDP Film option offers enhanced abrasion resistance for longer-life cards.
  • Cards: Video-grade PVC UltraCard™ card stock with polished, scratch- and debris-reduced surfaces optimize the quality of your printed images.
  • Overlaminates: Applying an overlaminate to your cards not only improves durability, it greatly increases the security of the card. Overlaminates with standard or custom holograms create an ID card that is difficult to forge, yet easy to verify.
  • Secure Proprietary Consumables: Elevate the security of your large ID project. Create a proprietary link between printers and consumables to help mitigate the risk of fraudulent production.
  • Holographic foil cards for HDP®: Increase the security of your card issuance system with tamper-resistant, instantly verifiable foils permanently embedded just under the surface each card.

Cleaning Kits

All accessible printer parts can be maintained with kits containing printhead cleaning pens, interior cleaning cards, interior/exterior cleaning pads, card cleaning cartridges and high-volume card cleaning tapes.


Blank White Cards for HDP Printing

Full Color (Dye-Sublimation) Ribbons
Ribbon Type


YMC 750 Photo-accurate color prints, visual
YMCK 500
YMCKK 500 Photo-accurate, full color on front, black text or barcodes back
YMCKH 500 Additional Heat Seal panel allows for color printing on tough-to-print card surfaces like clamshell prox cards
YMCKI 500 I panel allows printing to cards with surface foils or signature panels
YMCFK 500 UV flourescent ink panel can create a personalized layer of security only visible under UV light.
YMCKIKI 400 Ideal for application where surface foils and/or signature panels occupy both sides of the card. Photo-accurate, full color front, black text or barcode back.
YMCIKH 450 For cards with difficult to print surfaces that also contain surface foil stamps or signature panels.
One-Color (Resin) Ribbons
Ribbon Type


Premium Black Resin 3,000 Bar codes, text, serial numbers, bold graphics
HDP Film
Film Type


Clear HDP Film 1,500 Clear, panelized film
High Durable HDP Film 1,000 Clear, panelized film with enhanced durability creates longer-life cards
Holographic HDP Film 500 High resolution hologram with visual security elements. Custom designs available for a fee.


Blank White Cards for HDP Printing
Product Specifics Material Thickness Mag Stripe Availability Box Quantity
UltraCard CR-80 100% PVC 30 mil High-Co & Low-Co 500
UltraCard Premium 60% PVC/40% Polyester 30 mil High-Co & Low-Co 500
UltraCard PC 100% Polycarbonate 30 mil None 500


Product Specifics Artwork* Order Minimum Delivery Lead Time
Secure PolyGuard or Thermal Transfer Overlaminate (for Laminating (LC) Printer Models only) Medium Detail graphics with higher design complexity than secure express 12,500 images (PG)

25,000 images (TTO)
8-10 weeks
High Secure PolyGuard or Thermal Transfer Overlaminate (for Laminating (LC) Printer Models only) Highest level of detail, and includes Visual Security elements 12,500 images (PG)

25,000 images (TTO)
8-12 weeks
High Secure HDP Film Highest level of detail, and includes Visual Security elements. No Lamination module necessary. 25,000 images 8-12 weeks
* For more information, please reference the "Holographic Overlaminates Brochure"