HID® Crescendo® C700 Series

Versatile multi-technology smart card for logical and physical access control
This product has been discontinued. View end-of-life status for HID Global products. Here is its replacement product: HID® Crescendo® C1100 Series
  • Crescendo C700 Series Smart Card for Physical Access Control
Overview | Specifications

Crescendo® is a credit card-sized multi-technology smart card that enables strong authentication and logical and physical access control, providing out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for hundreds of logical and physical access control applications, and also serving as an employee ID badge.

Crescendo C700 smart cards are high-end products that enable logical and physical access control for the enterprise market for support in multiple environments. The smart card is delivered in conjunction with middleware that exposes a PKCS#11 interface to perform smart card management & PKI-based operations. Thanks to PKCS#11 services, this smart card can be supported in several applications to support Domain Logon, Virtual Private Network (VPN), secure email, Secure Web Access and wireless LAN authentication.

With the Crescendo C700 smart card, a cardholder doesn't have to carry multiple credentials, nor does he/she need to remember multiple passwords or PINs. Instead, users have one single smart card as a convergence solution for access to logical or physical resources.

The C700 series smart card is designed for heterogeneous environments:

  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista™ / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • Windows CE / Mobile
  • Mac® OS X, Linux®, Solaris, Unix
  • 3rd party applications such as single sign-on as well as pre-boot authentication and disk encryption.

Benefits of the C700 Series Smart Card:

  • Reduces card management costs and increases user convenience by combining logical and physical access control in a single smart card.
  • Enables logical and physical access control.
  • Provides out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for thousands of logical and physical access control applications provided by Microsoft® and others.
  • Delivered pre-initialized with the required on-card software for immediate deployment.
  • Requires no per-seat middleware licenses, reducing overall costs.
  • Contact-only or hybrid card configuration for ISO/IEC 7816 protocol support as well as proximity (125 kHz) and/or ISO14443/15693 (respectively MIFARE®/ HID iCLASS®). Cards available with the following technologies for contactless: HID Global iCLASS, HID Global Proximity, MIFARE CLASSIC as well as MIFARE DESFire EV1 for increased security. Other customizations with support for other technologies are possible such as magnetic stripe and Indala Proximity 125 kHz.
  • Medium size available memory for credentials storage: PKI digital certificates, single sign on (SSO), passwords for boot disk encryption etc.
  • High performance smart card due to high communication speed and fast processing time in the smart card chip.
  • Smart card chip accredited to Common Criteria EAL 5+.
  • Low power consumption chip (appropriate for smart card portable devices).
  • PKCS #15 support for smart card data structure reference, storage, and access.
  • Available off-the-shelf, reducing lead times and cost.
  • Crescendo C700 Series Smart Card for Physical Access Control
Overview | Specifications

Middleware for the Crescendo C700 Smart Card

This software supports the use of the Crescendo C700 Smart Card on Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8 client machines, and on the Windows 2003/2008 Server. This middleware is required if you are evaluating the card with Windows 2003 Server as described in the Windows Server Evaluation instructions or with Microsoft ILM or FIM.

  • Crescendo C700 Series Smart Card for Physical Access Control
Overview | Specifications