HID LaserCard OSM Card

  • LaserCard OSM Card

An overriding requirement of any identity card program is security of the credential and its data. Equally important is the security of the card’s manufacturing, personalization and issuance processes. To meet these needs, HID Global offers its LaserCard® optical security media that is widely acknowledged as the most tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant ID credential platform available.

Engineered to meet sophisticated requirements for layered security, optical security media (OSM) is used worldwide in major identity card programs to provide unparalleled levels of physical and visual security, including in United States Permanent Resident cards and in Ireland Passport cards.

LaserCard OSM visual security features include:

  • Ultra-high resolution security patterns and images. These can be forensic and/or visible to the naked eye, providing a high level of confidence in visual authentication.
  • An unalterable, optically variable, laser “etched” personalized image of the cardholder.

To further increase security and functionality, HID's LaserCard OSM technology can be integrated with other machine-readable technologies, such as microprocessor chips, on the same ID card platform.