Optical Stripe Media (OSM) and Multi-tech OSM Cards

LaserCard OSM Card

Overview | Specifications
  • LaserCard OSM Card

An overriding requirement of any identity card program is security of the credential and its data. Equally important is the security of the card’s manufacturing, personalization and issuance processes. To meet these needs, HID Global offers its optical security media (OSM) card, widely acknowledged as the most tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant ID credential platform available.

Engineered to meet sophisticated requirements for layered security, the OSM card is used worldwide in major identity card programs to provide unparalleled levels of physical and visual security, including in United States Permanent Resident cards and in the Ireland Passport cards.

Also available is the multitech OSM card, combining HID Global’s Ultra-Thin PC ePre-laminate, advanced DBond™ and OSM technologies to create of a new, highly secure, highly durable card for the most secure Government-to-citizen card programs, helping to protect the identities of citizens in an increasingly challenging world environment.

OSM visual security features include:

  • Ultra-high resolution security patterns and images. These can be forensic and/or visible to the naked eye, providing a high level of confidence in visual authentication.
  • An unalterable, optically variable, laser “etched” personalized image of the cardholder.
  • Inclusion of a RFID microcontroller chip, using HID Global’s patented DBond™ technologies for the highest level of layered security.

Card Structure

Multi-layer laminated polycarbonate


85.60 x 53.98 x 0.840 mm (ISO 7801 ID-1 Dimensions)

oSm Stripe Width




User data capacity (maximum)

1.1 Mbytes

1.8 Mbytes

2.8 Mbytes

Data Corrected error rate

Less than 10-12 (Encoder Specifications)

Media type

Write Once Read Many (WORM)

Standards /Protocol support

ISO 7810, ISO 10373-1 & -5, ISO/IEC 11693, ISO/IEC 11693-2, ISO/IEC 11694 Parts 1

to 6, ICAO 9303 Part 3 (16mm & 24mm OSM Stripe only)

Card options

Custom artwork, security printing, laser engravable foil, custom security formats, special inks, hologram, etc.

Chip options

Contact, contactless (HF & UHF). Hybrid (some limitations may apply depending on card configuration)

Personalization options

Retransfer dye sublimation and/or laser engraving

Operating temperature

Temperature: 0-50oC

Relative humidity


Wet bulb

29oC max