This product has been discontinued . View end-of-life status for HID Global products .
Here is its replacement product: HID® iCLASS® SE™ CP1000 Encoder

HID® iCLASS® CP400 Card Programmer

Convenient encoding solution for encoding iCLASS Credentials
iCLASS CP400 Card Programmer

The iCLASS CP400 Card Programmer is designed for on-site programming of access control data, Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes, and user data onto HID iCLASS cards. It allows HID formats, keypad PIN codes and user data fields to be programmed directly into iCLASS contactless smart cards. This enables the system manager to stock blank cards and program cards on demand when new cardholders are added to the system. To ensure security of the format and cards, an iCLASS Card Programmer license is required.

The iCLASS CP400 Card Programmer includes a desktop RW400 reader/writer, CD-ROM with programming software and documentation, personalization diskette, universal power supply, and serial cable.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Programming - allows flexible field programming of card numbers.
  • Stores PIN Codes - on the card for use with the iCLASS RK40, RWK400, and RWKL550 keypad readers configured for local PIN verification.
  • User Data - programs four, 16-character user data fields on the card, that can later be read on the programmer.
  • Card Printing - prints card numbers directly onto the cards using a PVC card printer or on standard Avery labels.
  • Security - Maintains a secure, encrypted database on a personal computer.
  • Personalization - Personalized for individual customers (proprietary formats are restricted to authorized users).



Reader/Writer Compatibility

Access control data on cards programmed with the HID iCLASS Card Programmer is readable only by iCLASS readers

Card Compatibility

iCLASS 2k, 16k and 32k Cards including: iCLASS 200X, iCLASS/Prox 202X, iCLASS embeddable 201X, iCLASS Wiegand 204X, iCLASS Key 205X and iCLASS Tag 206X.

PC Requirements

Pentium 166 or higher

RAM - 128 MB

HDD - 30 MB available

CD-ROM Drive

Dedicated Serial COM port

PVC Card Printer (optional)

VGA monitor (or better)

Common Printer (optional)

Software Requirements

OS - Windows 2000, with latest Service Pack

MS Office 2002 (including Access Database) with latest service pack

Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher

Internet connection recommended for downloading updates

MDAC components (v 2.7 included with iCLASS setup)

.NET framework (v 1.0 is included with iCLASS setup)

User must have Local Machine Administrative rights for iCLASS

installation and secure database administration

Dimensions (Programmer Stand)

158 cm H x 109 cm D x 127 cm H (6.25"H x 4.3"D x 5"W )


Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from date of shipment. (see complete warranty policy for details).