HID Integrale™ for CRVS

Providing the foundations for identity management
HID® Integrale™ for CRVS

HID Integrale for CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) is designed to securely manage vital event registration needs by way of the four functional pillars of notification, recording, registering and reporting of citizen identity data. This new solution, built upon the existing HID Integrale platform, enables governments to cost-effectively record the occurrences and characteristics of vital citizen events such as births, deaths and marriages, and derive statistics from that data to help inform planning, decision-making and delivery of critical services.

Key benefits

  • Recording vital events: Using web-based interfaces and mobile registration capability, HID Integrale CRVS makes the capture of critical data simpler and enables information to be processed in real-time.
  • Individual traceability: HID Integrale for CRVS enables family links to be established and maintained across generations via the creation of a unique ID, with supporting certificates that enhance traceability.
  • Planning for today and the future: HID Integrale for CRVS provides an instant view of vital statistics with data analysis on demand. Statistical reporting is custom and can be designed to support specific planning needs.
  • Single data source: HID Integrale CRVS provides a secure centralized database that can be accessed from web and mobile interfaces, allowing multiple authorized users appropriate access to the same data and source information.