This product has been discontinued . View end-of-life status for HID Global products .
Here is its replacement product: HID FARGO® DTC4250e ID Card Printer & Encoder

HID® FARGO® DTC4000 Photo ID System

Create secure ID cards with one simple and versatile system
HID® FARGO® DTC4000 Photo ID System

The FARGO DTC4000 Photo ID System produces colorful, durable and secure ID cards with field-upgradeable options to encode smart card technologies for increased functionality. It is an excellent choice for small- to mid-sized businesses, educational institutions, health care facilities, government agencies and retail operations.

Highly flexible - The FARGO DTC4000 Photo ID System produces durable ID cards with its enhanced full-color printing. Designed to adapt to your evolving needs, the DTC4000 Photo ID System is highly scalable when an organization's requirements grow.

Hassle-free, versatile card printing - Highly versatile, the DTC4000 Photo ID System can print on many different types of cards -- from thin plastic cards to thicker high security cards with embedded electronics, and its easy-loading, all-in-one ribbon cartridge saves time and eliminates the mess and expense of torn, wasted ribbons.

  1. Fargo DTC4000 Card Printer/Encoder offers single-sided, edge-to-edge card printing. Full-color, continuous-tone printing at 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm). Capable of rewritable card printing (monochrome only) on HID rewritable card stock. Intuitive SmartScreen™ graphical display provides easy-to-follow prompts to be sure you'll always know the status of the printer. Can be field-upgraded to dual-sided printing and smart card, proximity and magnetic stripe encoding.

    ENERGY STAR Certified: Providing organizations with a high-performance, energy-efficient photo ID printing solution that supports corporate green initiatives and help reduce costs.

    As part of its new ENERGY STAR rating, the default time for sleep mode has been lowered from two hours to five minutes, and printer design enhancements reduce the power consumption when in standby or sleep mode. Additionally, the ENERGY STAR FARGO DTC4000 is turned on and off using the power button versus plugging in the power cable.

  2. Asure ID® Express™ ID card design and production software for powerful, yet easy-to-use photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities. The DTC4000 system also comes with Workbench™, a software toolkit for set up, printer diagnostics and firmware upgrades. (Computer display not included.)
  3. High-end USB digital Web camera makes capturing cardholder photos quick and easy.
  4. Full-color ribbon cartridge for printing 250 card images. (YMCKO with cleaning roller.)
  5. 300 UltraCard™ PVC cards.
  6. USB 2.0 cable for connecting the DTC4000 printer/encoder to your computer

The Fargo DTC4000 Photo ID System also includes:

  • Two-year printer warranty.
  • One-year free loaner printer (U.S. only).
  • One-year free Asure ID software technical support