HID FARGO® DTC4250e Photo ID System

Create secure ID cards with one flexible, versatile system
DTC4250e Photo ID System

The FARGO DTC4250e Photo ID System is an easy way to design, print and encode secure ID cards. The modular design of this pre-configured system makes it an excellent choice for small-to-mid-sized corporations, educational institutions, health care facilities, government agencies and retailers.

The basic DTC4250e Photo ID System includes a single-sided FARGO DTC4250e printer/encoder with a SmartScreen™ graphical display; Asure ID® Express photo ID software; a high-end USB digital web camera; and printing supplies. However, you can add options and accessories for a wide range of applications.

For sophisticated printing/encoding projects, the optional dual-sided printing module lets you print additional information such as a barcode or digital signature on the back of the card. Or you can elect to add smart card or magnetic stripe encoding modules, enabling you to produce technology ID cards for a number of applications, such as access control and payment. The DTC4250e Photo ID System allows you to choose from a variety of features according to your evolving security needs.

  1. FARGO DTC4250e Printer/Encoder. Single-sided, edge-to-edge card printing. Full-color, continuous-tone printing at 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm). Capable of rewritable card printing (monochrome only) on HID rewritable card stock. Its intuitive SmartScreen graphical display provides easy-to-follow prompts to ensure you’ll always know the status of the printer. The DTC4250e can be field-upgraded to dual-sided printing and smart card, proximity and magnetic stripe encoding.

  2. Asure ID Express ID card design and production software. Powerful yet easy-to-use photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities. The DTC4250e system also comes with FARGO Workbench™, a software toolkit for printer set-up, diagnostics and firmware upgrades (computer display not included).

  3. High-end USB digital web camera. This camera makes capturing cardholder photos, quick and easy.

  4. Full-color ribbon. Print 250 card images (YMCKO with integrated cleaning roller).

  5. 300 UltraCard® PVC cards. Design and produce ID cards right away.

  6. USB 2.0 cable. Connect the DTC4250e printer/encoder to your computer.

The FARGO DTC4250e Photo ID System also includes:

  • Three-year* printer warranty.
  • One-year free loaner printer (U.S. only).
  • Two-year free Asure ID software technical support.
  • FARGO Workbench diagnostic utility to facilitate printer maintenance. Its Color Assist™ tool matches spot colors, ensuring accurate prints of graphics, such as company logos.

*Three-year warranty available with completion of online printer registration. (Two-year warranty standard without online printer registration.)