When it comes to a passport solution, HID Global manages the entire process — from designing an entirely customized passport solution to the manufacturing of a unique passport in our own production facilities, until it finally reaches the citizen. Passports can be delivered as either machine readable (MRP) or with an electronic chip (ePassport) and take into account the unique design and security requirements of each customer. As a system integrator, we are able to offer personalization technologies from a wide range of manufacturers, thereby providing the best solution for all our customers. Solutions can be automated or manual, incorporating chip encoding, inkjet or laser visible personalization and various levels of quality assurance.

HID uses a combination of knowledge and expertise in identity document design, laying out innovative security features and techniques to combat the increasingly sophisticated threats we face today. Our design team will make sure that not only is the design aesthetically excellent, but also that the most appropriate features are incorporated to counter the specific threats posed to the document and identity of its holder.

HID goID™, our mobile travel document solution, anticipates the future direction of passports and integrates seamlessly with our physical passport solutions.

Key benefits

  • A complete passport solution including document from one provider
  • Compliance to international standards such as ICAO
  • Customizable software architectures
  • Award-winning design team
  • Seamless passport upgrades
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Achieve booklet flexibility, durability and security with our cutting-edge technology
HID® Inlays
Innovative and durable Inlays for e-Passports
Modular end-to-end eDocument issuance systems
eDatapage Insert
Durable RFID inlay designed to be integrated in a complete Datapage production
HID® SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems
Fast and secure ICAO ePassport and eID card chip OS
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