HID® ePrelaminate

Durable contactless eID card prelaminate inlays

HID Global Contactless ePrelaminate inlays provide the highest level of eID card security, reliability and durability. Tamper-resistant prelaminate inlays reduce authentication errors and document falsification.

HID ePrelaminate inlays are optimized to extend the life of each finished card. Constructed using patented HID wire transfer technology or wire embedding technology and encased in polyvinylchloride or polycarbonate layers, the durable ePrelaminate inlays guarantee full protection of the electronic chip and Antenna.

They are also compliant with ISO and ICAO electromagnetic, physical and mechanical requirements. A wide variety of integrated circuits are available; customers can choose the chips or operating systems that best suit their requirements.

When using DBond™ technology, PC ePrelaminate becomes an ultra-thin Prelaminate. The narrow dimensions of ultra-thin inlays –200 microns instead of typically 350 microns– provide manufacturers with room to add more security features on both sides of an e-ID card while still complying to international ISO thickness standards.

  • Thin/Flexible – Built with the slimmest and most flexible laminates
  • Durable – Patented crack prevention technology extends card life
  • Reliable – Optimum chip performance
  • Compliant – Exceeds relevant ISO and ICAO standards