HID® eProx™ Lock

125 kHz contactless card reader module
Proximity Card Reader OEM Module

The eProx Lock is used in a variety of battery powered environments — from electronic door access and handheld computers to transportation devices. It adds HID Proximity™ card compatibility into the most power-constrained applications. 

eProx Lock technology helps third party manufacturers with embedding HID Proximity technology into a wide range of innovative products. As such, current investments can be leveraged in existing systems by extending the functionality of a credential currently in use. It also facilitates cost-effective upgrades to new applications and products, so your investment is safe and long-standing.

Key Benefits

  •  Integration: Helps integrate HID Proximity technology into standard electronic lock offering
  •  Compatibility: Allows stand-alone electronic locks to be used in conjunction with an online system that uses HID Proximity cards and readers
  •  Security: Designed to recognize card formats of up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion unique codes, and adds security, reliability and convenience to battery-powered electronic door access
  •  Usage: Is ideal when an online, networked proximity reader is not required or cannot be easily installed
  • Low power consumption: Can be operated via battery power and typically draws a current of just 12uA during its sleep mode. When a card is presented, the module awakes from its sleep mode and draws 36mA during a 250ms card read.
  • Keyless lock: Provides a keyless card-activated lock
  • Multiple data outputs: Available in Wiegand, F2F, and Clock-and-Data output configurations, allowing for flexibility in your applications