HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance Tablet

Tap into an elevated financial card issuance experience
  • TRISM Tablet
Overview | Specifications

HID® TRISM™ Tablet is a convenient mobile device that supports in-branch instant issuance by utilizing a secure, wireless network to access branch account information, EFT and credit card processors. TRISM Tablet eliminates the need for a desktop PC, accelerating the financial card issuance and PIN selection process by allowing it to take place anywhere in the branch — securely and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Tap into the power of your TRISM network with ease – Convenient and wireless, the HID TRISM Tablet extends access to your branch’s account, EFT and credit card processors via your integrated TRISM network.
  • Simplify instant financial card issuance – Bank tellers and associates can walk customers through the entire card issuance process – including their own customized PIN selection - from anywhere in your branch – and all within minutes.
  • Enjoy ease of use – Windows®-based, highly intuitive graphical interface walks you through loading, creating and printing, and the balancing of your cards at day’s end.
  • Accelerate issuance and reduce errors – Because your TRISM network already integrates with your branch’s processors, re-keying data and subsequent manual entry errors are a thing of the past.

The HID® TRISM™ Tablet brings never before seen levels of efficiency, security and user experience for cardholders and employees alike, as part of the instant issuance process.

  • TRISM Tablet
Overview | Specifications


Tablet Operating System
Windows 10

Intel Atom Processor

RAM / Internal Memory
2GB DDR / 32 GB

Memory Expansion
Up to 64 GB

Display Size
8.0" Diagonal

Display Resolution
1920 X1200

Panel Type
IPS (In-Plane Switching)

Capacitive Multi-touch

8.3" L x 4.9" W x0.3" H

HID TRISM Client and Microsoft® Windows® 10 Suite

OPTIONAL Tablet Support*
Microsoft® Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4

*Indicates specifications of the HID-supplied tablet that includes the pre-loaded TRISM client software.

  • TRISM Tablet
Overview | Specifications