How Third Parties Can Contribute to the HID goID™ Ecosystem
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HID Global offers a software development kit (SDK) to local entities to easily create mobile identity applications for government agencies and their citizens.

What Is goID SDK?

HID's goID is a mobile identity solution consisting of four unique components including a customizable app for citizen’s smart phones. Utilizing the goID SDK, HID Global enables trusted local third parties to quickly bring the best app to their local market, while contributing to the deployment of one of the most innovative mobile ID solutions available.

Who Can Use goID SDK?

The ideal partner will already have a vision of how mobile identity will play a part in the future of their country. Organizations interested in this technology should have existing connections to government agencies, an entrepreneurial spirit and the technical capabilities to develop the app.

Easy Access to the Mobile Identity Market

With HID Global’s support, qualified third parties can gain access to the mobile identity market and expand their company’s portfolio of products. Those entities working with HID will receive binaries, documentation and training during on-boarding, as well as technical support. As a result, they can successfully develop the app and be autonomous in the implementation of goID in their government projects. Throughout the relationship, HID Global works with its partners to ensure the SDK remains up-to-date and meets market requirements. By establishing strong relationships with local third parties, HID Global not only assists in the development of a dynamic mobile app for citizens but also establishes its partners as an integrated part of the goID ecosystem for the long-term.

Working Face-to-Face with Governments on Mobile Identity

The organization partnering with HID Global directs the design and architecture of the citizen’s mobile app while working with their government agency to customize language settings and create a user experience that is able to meet local requirements. After the development of the app, that third party will stay in close contact with the government to continuously enhance the app. The exact scope of responsibility can vary from project to project.

No Need to Be an Expert in Mobile App Security

Partnering with a government on a mobile identity-related project is a huge responsibility as a citizens' identities must remain protected at all times. HID Global has more than 25 years of experience in managing identities. The goID SDK is built on this foundation and meets the highest of security standards. Thanks to the efforts of our mobile security experts, interested third parties can rely on the SDK to keep a citizen’s data safe. The SDK ensures that the provisioning, storage and verification of the mobile ID is always secured.

An End-to-End Mobile ID Solution with Four Components

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1. Transforming Citizen IDs into Mobile IDs

Issuance System — The issuance system component resides on-premise at the issuing entity. It receives information from the government’s database to ensure that a citizen’s information is prepared to be used to create a mobile ID. It also connects to the administrative system to allow post-issuance of the mobile ID.

2. The Right Mobile ID on the Right Citizen’s Phone

Gateway — As the central component of goID, the gateway is responsible for connecting the issuer with the citizen app to deliver the mobile ID. It is managed by the country itself or by HID Global as a service. New mobile IDs from other public authorities or ministries can be issued by connecting their issuance system to the gateway.

3. A Sophisticated Mobile App Customized for Your Citizens

Citizen App based on the goID SDK — The citizen app is the end-user product that citizens will engage to access their mobile ID. It is developed by the partner organization. It securely receives a citizen’s mobile ID data, stores it, and shares it with a verifying entity. The citizen app is customized to local requirements and is available in both iOS® and Android™.

4. Scalable Verification Solutions for Every Need

Verification Solutions — HID Global offers multiple verification solutions: a mobile app, simple to best-value devices and sophisticated software implementations for large scale, centrally-managed operations. All verification solutions safeguard citizen data.

Want to Become a Partner?

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