HID® Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case

HF/UHF reader unit for laundry conveyors
HID Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case

The Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case is a fully integrated compact reader unit designed to be installed on laundry plant conveyors. Combined with RFID antennas, it processes both HF- and UHF-enabled linens and uniforms with a high-detection level. An embedded smart micro-module enables cloud operations, remote upgrades and maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • Robust industrial casing adaptable to any conveyor system
  • Compatible with mix tag populations at HF and UHF frequencies
  • Cloud-connected for remote configuration, monitoring and maintenance

The Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case is part of the HID Textile Services linen inventory management solution, ACUITY.

HID’s Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case meets radio standards and electrical safety requirements to ensure a smooth and integrated installation, in compliance with European regulations in production environments.

The Industrial HF/UHF Smart Case measures 5.9 x 11.8 x 15.7 in (150 x 300 x 400 mm) and features four inputs (i.e., external trigger signal) and three outputs (i.e., stack lights).