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Manage employee and non-employee identities and physical access
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How it Works
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HID SAFE Enterprise ties together corporate policy enforcement with identity and entitlement management to ensure proper physical access, track workflows and actions taken, and makes regulatory compliance easier.

Centralized Identity Management

Organizations have different types of identities and needs for those identities. Many also have distributed physical footprints that make controlling access difficult. 

With SAFE, all physical identities within an organization can be centrally and securely managed using the existing security and IT infrastructures, saving time and money and reducing risk.

Break down silos with:

  • A framework to integrate disparate systems
  • A policy-based system to transform and automate manual workflows and processes
  • An integrated enrollment, access-provisioning and badging engine
  • Governance across systems that creates an auditable compliance process

The PIAM Lifecycle

From identity creation to assigning physical access rights and issuing credentials to ongoing usage and updates as people’s needs evolve with their job, SAFE centralizes all the policies and enforcements of those policies to simplify the lives of security and facility teams. That centralization pairs with reporting and attestation tools to also make compliance processes easier.

Access Management Identity Management Badging & Credentialing Use & Analytics Maintenance & Audits Reporting & Compliance

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HID SAFE Application Benefits

Asset Management
Assets can be easily tracked thanks to detailed lifecycle audit logs and a self-service login allowing users to report assets as lost, stolen or missing. Physical items can now be managed on an identity level.

Visitor Management
Securely and quickly manages the entire visitor lifecycle — from easy pre-registration to welcoming visitor invitations through rapid check-in and check-out. Designed with the enterprise in mind, HID SAFE Visitor Manager scales from small offices with unattended stand-alone kiosks to corporate headquarters with busy lobby teams.

Audit Attestation
Automate periodic reviews and audits of identities and their access by the area owners. This module allows organizations to define and configure audits based on a defined schedule that automatically creates access audit tasks for area-owner review.

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Seamlessly Enforce Physical Security Policy

As a modern, web-based solution, integration of key infrastructure into HID SAFE streamlines and centralizes the physical access lifecycle.

Access Control (PACS) Admin Self Service Kiosk Tenant Access Control Biometrics Badging/Credentials HR/IT Other Systems • Training • Security/background check • WiFi • Mass Notification Physical Security Infrastructure IT/HR Infrastructure Policy Engine SAFE Identity Provider (AD, Azure AD, Okta)


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Product Integration

SAFE has many valuable integrations and connections with other HID and ASSA ABLOY products.



Electronic Keys

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What is physical identity and access management (PIAM)?

PIAM refers to a security and identity management system designed to control and monitor physical access to various facilities, assets and resources within an organization. PIAM systems are particularly important for organizations that need to manage the physical access of employees, contractors, visitors and other individuals to their premises and resources.

Key components and features of a PIAM system typically include: identity lifecycle management, policy enforcement, integration with other systems, security and risk mitigation and visitor management

What is HID SAFE?

HID SAFE Enterprise is a comprehensive PIAM solution that combines corporate policy enforcement with identity and entitlement management to ensure proper physical access, streamline workflows and simplify regulatory compliance. It helps organizations manage employee and non-employee identities and their physical access securely.

How does HID SAFE Enterprise centralize identity management?

HID SAFE Enterprise centralizes identity management by providing a framework to integrate different systems, automating manual workflows and offering an integrated enrollment, access-provisioning and badging engine. This simplifies the management of physical identities across an organization.

How can HID SAFE Enterprise help break down organizational silos?

HID SAFE Enterprise helps break down silos by offering a policy-based system to transform and automate manual workflows and processes. It integrates with various systems and creates a governance structure that ensures an auditable compliance process.

Can HID SAFE Enterprise adapt to our organization's specific needs and identity types?

Yes, HID SAFE Enterprise is designed to accommodate the unique identity requirements of different organizations. It can be configured to manage various identity types and can work with your existing security and IT infrastructures.

Is HID SAFE Enterprise suitable for both small and large organizations?

HID SAFE Enterprise is scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of both small and large organizations. It provides the flexibility to grow and adapt as your organization expands.

How does HID SAFE Enterprise enhance security for our organization?

HID SAFE Enterprise enhances security by ensuring that physical access rights are managed according to policies and regulations. It also tracks actions taken, providing a comprehensive overview of access-related activities.

Is there training and support available for implementing HID SAFE Enterprise?

Yes, HID typically provides training and support services to help organizations implement HID SAFE Enterprise successfully. You can inquire about the specific support options available.

Where can I learn more about pricing and licensing for HID SAFE Enterprise?

For information regarding pricing, licensing and additional details about HID SAFE Enterprise, please contact our sales team, or visit the pricing section on our website.

Why do I need PIAM if I have PACS?

Modern workplaces are swiftly expanding, both physically and digitally. Organizations are adding new solutions to their spider’s web of existing networks, software and processes to accommodate evolving access challenges and business needs but are rarely achieving unity and integration between them.