HID SAFE™ Facility Analytics

Understand workplace occupancy and usage patterns
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Leverage HID SAFE Analytics

Facility Analytics enables facilities managers to make real estate leasing and buying decisions and enables security managers to shrink their security footprint based on usage and access trends. Additionally, this solution supports any organization needing to maintain building occupancy thresholds to meet social distancing requirements. Key benefits for maintaining social distancing in the workplace:

  • Monitor in real-time and receive alerts of on-site occupancy thresholds to maintain social distancing requirements
  • Instantly create contact tracing reports and attendance audits for groups of people or specific people of interest
  • Harness the power of machine learning to proactively identify safety risks from high-traffic areas, traveling workers and more

Key benefits for real estate management:

  • Use near real-time metrics to evaluate your real estate portfolio investment
  • Monitor space utilization and workstation assignments across departments
  • Understand true occupancy and utilization per square foot costs
  • Spot trends in occupancy patterns across regions, departments and months of the year
  • Understand with complete confidence where real estate investments need to be made to support the business

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HID SAFE Analytics Specifications 

  • Full-featured reporting platform for extracting and analyzing data from across different business units and their different applications (HR, IT, Physical Security)
  • Interactive dashboard views of access area, workplace and global occupancy levels
  • Tracking of occupancy and utilization based on actual access logs, not just HR assignments
  • Occupancy and utilization metrics by department
  • Occupancy and utilization metrics by workplace
  • Occupancy and utilization metrics by assigned headcount vs. “floaters”
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis of building occupancies

HID SAFE Facility Analytics allows users to see real-time and trending analyses of individual properties, regional occupancy and utilization levels, all from a single dashboard. Users can quickly gain an understanding of which departments or regions most under or overutilize the space that they have been physically assigned to within their buildings.

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