HID® iCLASS® eUnit Tag

13.56 MHz embedded transponder
 HID iCLASS eUnit Tag

The iCLASS eUnit embedded transponder provides the convenience of iCLASS technology in a coin-sized, disk-shaped transponder. It can be inserted into any non-metallic card or device to instantly provide 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology capabilities and has multiple, securely separated files that enable numerous applications.

Key Benefits

  • 13.56 MHz technology: The tag is driven by read/write contactless smart card technology that facilitates high speed, reliable communications, coupled with high data integrity
  • Convenience: The transponder is disk-shaped and suited for OEM use. It is easy to add to your application. All you need to do is glue, mold or fasten it to any non-metallic housing.
  • Security of iCLASS SE™ technology: Ensures high security with mutual authentication, encrypted data transfer and 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capabilities to reduce risk of compromised data or duplicated cards
  • Versatile: It is available in 2k bit, 16k bit or 32k bit configurations
  • Compliance: Meets ISO 15693 standard for contactless communications

2k Bit (256 Byte) iCLASS Credentials — Features:

  • Available in two application area configurations only
  • Provides the HID standard access control application area and one other application area for user customization
  • Provides a cost-effective way to improve the security of your access control installation

16k Bit (2k Byte) & 32k Bit (4k Byte) iCLASS Credentials — Features:

  • Sufficient read/write memory to store multiple biometric templates
  • 16k — Available in a two or 16 application area configuration
  • 32k — Available with 16k memory configured in either two or 16 application areas, plus an additional 16k user configurable memory
  • Multiple securely separated files enable numerous applications, including the HID standard access control application, and support future growth