HID® Identity Document Design

Partnering with governments to create secure passports and national IDs that reflect their heritage
image of sail boat on passport pages

Want an identity document that your citizens will be proud to hold? HID has you covered from design through manufacture with documents that combine state-of-the-art security with vibrant, meaningful imagery.

Design That Starts With Your Culture

Our designers work closely to understand your goals — and craft a document that delivers on them. Identity documents should reflect what makes your country unique, from its culture and history to its landscape and geography.

Here’s how it works:

  • We start by collaborating with each country to uncover the themes that make it unique
  • Conceptual designs help refine those choices and explore colors, requirements and features
  • We integrate our concepts with graphics and security features — seamlessly combining aesthetic and technical requirements
  • Documents are manufactured in one of our facilities, with expert oversight that ensures a beautiful, durable and secure result

Built-In Security Features

Security and design go hand in hand. To maximize the security of your new document, we carefully integrate multiple different features — streamlining authentication and making counterfeiting difficult.