HID Mercury™ LP4502 Controller
Intelligent controller with extended applications (4 readers, 8 inputs, 4 outputs)
HID® Mercury™ LP4502 Controller

The LP4502 Controller supports a variety of extended features including high-assurance credential authentication and complies with the BACnet IP communication protocol. A USB-to-Ethernet IP adapter provides a redundant host IP connection. It has direct hardware support for two openings and can scale to 64 access points. Built on proven Mercury hardware, this high-performance intelligent controller embeds elevator destination dispatch and provides integrated power management analytics to proactively detect failure before it occurs.

Key Benefits:

  • Open Architecture - Use of hardware with Mercury OEM partners’ software solutions
  • Device Integration - Third party integrations and applications
  • Enhanced Security - Embedded crypto memory chip and data-at-rest encryption
  • OSDP Protocol - Secure channel security for reader connectivity
  • Versatile Interoperability - Same reliable interface and identical footprint as the EP controllers

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  • 2,000,000 cardholder capacity
  • Supports up to 1024 inputs and 1024 outputs
  • Natively supports up to four readers and two openings, expands to 64 readers/openings
  • IPv4/6, TLS1.2, 802.1X
  • FIPS 140-2 user of OpenSSL