Ultra small compact, sturdy encapsulated UHF tag

MuTRAK RAIN® RFID (UHF) tags have been designed to meet specific item-level tracking requirements in terms of size, robustness and read performance. An innovative design makes MuTRAK one of the smallest (7 x 7 x 1.4 mm) and sturdiest encapsulated UHF tags available on the market, able to resist harsh processes such as injection molding. The MuTRAK UHF tag is ultra-small, low cost and comes with a discrete and easy-to-affix identifier device.

The MuTRAK tags can be used in various applications such as professional textile services where it can be either heat-sealed onto textile items, such as garments and linens, or inserted into small pouches. It also offers functionality in general industrial applications where a small and robust tag is required, like surgical tools, work tools, metal containers and bottles, signs and electric poles.

Key Benefits:

  • Size — small and discreet, they are ideal for identifying small items
  • Durability — they are resistant to harsh environments, including the injection molding process
  • Price — they are an efficient, low-cost identifying device

HID MuTRAK is part of the HID Textile Services linen inventory management solution, ACUITY.

Compact in size, the MuTRAK Tag provides up to 128-bit EPC, anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and read ranges up to 10 cm (4 in), as well as:

  • UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-63
  • Patented design that ensures reliable performance over tag life
  • High water, chemical, heat and pressure resistance Ability to withstand up to 200 commercial washing cycles
  • Durable fabric housing that masks and protects RFID chip and antenna
  • To obtain greater reading distances, we recommend our LinTRAK® UHF tag.

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

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