HID® Integrale™ N-PKD

Exchange and manage country signing certificates
HID Integrale™ N-PKD

ICAO standards for the issuance of ePassports require that each issuing country publish a certificate which allows other countries to authenticate their ePassport as genuine. To simplify the exchange of these certificates between countries, ICAO has an established repository for all certificates called the Public Key Directory (PKD), which enables each country to publish their certificates and obtain current certificates from all other countries issuing an ePassport. In order to facilitate participation in this exchange of certificates securely, each country must have a compliant National Public Key Directory (N-PKD).

HID Global offers a complete solution to enable a country to implement N-PKD. The HID Integrale N-PKD Service provides functionality to manage and automatically exchange newly-generated certificates with ICAO. In addition, all Passive Authentication data, such as Master Lists and Certificate Revocation Lists are managed and maintained. Our hardware offer comes preconfigured and preloaded with all necessary software and encrypted external back up. Meanwhile, customers are fully protected by our training and support packages and a comprehensive warranty.

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