HID® NCITE® Pre-Registration System

Powerful online portal for visitor registration and vetting
HID® NCITE® Pre-Registration System

HID NCITE Pre-Registration System is a robust online visitor registration portal that provides a seamless experience for both visitors and facility administrators. 

With the NCITE Pre-Registration System, government agencies are empowered to manage visitor flow efficiently, uphold stringent security protocols and provide a simple, streamlined experience for visitors and staff. The portal offers online pre-registration and enables pre-vetting for general visits, special events and sponsored visits. 

Administrators have access to real-time reports and visitor information, ensuring optimal resource and personnel allocation, allowing for informed decision-making and identifying peak visitation times for efficient operations. 

The software is available either in conjunction with the HID NCITE Vetting Service™ or as an integrated feature of the HID NCITE Visitor Management System.

Key Benefits

  • Improve facility security measures while expediting visitor registration process 
  • Accelerate information flow by providing direction to visitors via text message 
  • Enable sponsors to efficiently request visitor access for general visits or special events 
  • Simplify visitor registration process by eliminating emailed requests 
  • Improve user experience for staff and visitors 
  • Eliminate error-prone handwritten visitor lists 
  • Protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) by centralizing visitor data 

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