USB OCR Swipe Reader With MSR
HID OCR316e USB Reader with MSR from acquisition of Access-IS
Key Applications & Features

The OCR316e swipe reader interface connection is via USB. The track length and single slot design are optimized to ensure that passports and ID cards are correctly aligned for consistent and accurate identity document reading.

The bidirectional USB OCR reader can read machine-readable passports (MRP), visas (MRV), US and international residence permits as well as European and other national ID cards conforming to ICAO 9303 and ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2 and 3-line MRZ). It will also read the new ISO/IEC 18013-1 driving licenses (1-line MRZ), making it future-proofed.

It also integrates a three-track magnetic swipe reader (MSR) and is able to read credit and debit cards, loyalty cards and frequent flyer cards.

Key Applications

  • Airport check-in, gate and security checks
  • AQQ, eBorders and APIS generation
  • Duty free and tax free
  • Hotel and rental car registration
  • Border control and police applications
  • Elections and biometric enrollments
  • Banking ID checks
  • Hajj and Umrah travel authorization

Key Features

  • Space saving: compact, flexible design with a small footprint
  • User feedback: green and red indicator lights and audio beeper
  • Flexible design: free standing, desk mount or VESA monitor mounting
  • Easy software upgrades: FLASH upgradeable software
  • MRZ reading: reads from ICAO 9303 compliant documents including ePassports, ID cards and visas as well as ISO 18013 compliant driving licenses
  • MSR reading: features a bidirectional 3-track MSR conforming to ISO 7811/2-5
  • Simple installation: multiple cable lengths and exit positions
  Reading Capabilities
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) ICAO compliant travel documents in near infrared (IR) per ICAO 9303 specification Parts 1-4 (2- and 3-line MRZ)Near ICAO compliant travel documents (e.g., French ID)ISO-18013 driving licenses (1-line MRZ)
Magnetic Swipe Reader Three-track magnetic cards complying with ISO7811/ 2-5

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.