This product has been discontinued . View end-of-life status for HID Global products .
Here is its replacement product: HID® iCLASS® SE™ Reader Module

HID® iCLASS® OEM 75 Reader/Writer Module

Module with read/write capability for iCLASS or MIFARE
HID iCLASS OEM 75 Reader/Writer Module

Designed for embedding into products manufactured by third-parties, the OEM 75® is a 13.56 MHz contactless reader module used to read or read/write data on smart cards. Providing a link between smart cards and applications like time-and-attendance, biometric, point-of-sale and vending, the OEM 75 streamlines 13.56 MHz card compatibility by providing compatibility with all memory locations of the most popular smart cards used in the world today, including HID's 13.56 MHz brand iCLASS, along with MIFARE (sector) and DESFire compatibility. An additional ultra-low powered configuration enables the OEM 75 module to add contactless smart card compatibility to battery powered applications.

By providing the multi-card compatibility, embedding the OEM 75 increases the serviceable market for the third-party application. Now, selling product into any 13.56MHz card population is no problem. Simply configure the module to read iCLASS or MIFARE® or other smart cards, and allow the host application to control all the required functionality by using the module to read or read/write data on smart cards.

Additionally take advantage of the module's ultra-low battery powered mode. Drawing a nominal 12uA of power while searching for cards, the module has little impact on battery life for a battery powered application.

The most versatile 13.56MHz embedded module on the market, the OEM 75 allows for a variety of TTL interface connections (Wiegand, UART, SPI or I2C) and operational modes (read-only or read/write). Field firmware allows upgrading of module feature bundles (firmware & configuration). Combined with wide range of card compatibility and ultra-low power operation, the OEM 75 enables any third-party application to get the most out of 13.56MHz compatible applications.

Key Features:

  • Increase Serviceable Market – Increase application compatibilities by combining battery powered operation with smart card compatibilities.
  • Increase Card Compatibilities – Develop with the only embeddable reader module that provides iCLASS or MIFARE in the same module.
  • Versatile Form Factors – Small module and antenna solutions allows embedding of contactless smart card technology into many size constrained installations.
  • Backward Compatibility – Choose from small module size (same form factor and mounting as OEM50) or large module size (same form factor and mounting as eProx Lock). Power and communication connections remain backward compatible to previous modules.


1.1" x 1.2“ (2.8cm x 3.0cm) – identical in size and mounting to OEM50

1.3" x 1.7" (3.3cm x 4.3cm) – identical in size and mounting to eProx Lock

Power Requirements

4-10VDC, Reverse Voltage Protected

Transient surge protection not provided

Current Requirements

40mA AVG / 80mA PEAK (Standard Power Mode)

12uA AVG / 80mA PEAK (Ultra-Low Power Mode)

Operating Temperature

-13º F to 149º F (-25º C to 65º C)

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing

Transmit Frequency

13.56 MHz

Card Compatibility

All Bundles

iCLASS 15693/14443B CSN


ISO14443A-4 (DESFire) read/write


ISO15693 CSN

Additional card compatibilities (bundle specific)

iCLASS Bundle

iCLASS 15693/14443B read/write 2k, 16k and 32k bit credentials


ISO14443A MIFARE (sector) read/write 1K and 4K byte credentials


US Government PIV (in addition to above iCLASS or MIFARE


Transit Bundle


Regulatory Certifications

UL Recognition (Recognized Component) to UL294 for the USA and CSA C22.2 No. 205 for Canada.

* Requires iCLASS feature bundle

** Requires MIFARE feature bundle

*** Requires FIPS 201 feature bundle