Smart card module and reader board

The HID OMNIKEY Multi-ISO can be integrated with different types of transponder ICs available in the market and provides contactless read/write capabilities supporting various industry standards including ISO 18000-3, ISO14443A/B and ISO15693 RFID devices.

The reader core can be easily embedded into a host application along with an external antenna and secure SAM support to ensure that it’s absolutely flexible.

The reader board is ideal for applications using access control, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), ticketing, vending and mobile solutions.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and interoperable: Compatible with PC connected, embedded and mobile solutions including a broad portfolio of contactless card technologies
  • Fast, efficient and secure: Up to 848 Kbits of data transfer speed per second, with optimized data throughput between card and host. The platform integrates SAM support to maximize security between card, reader and host.
  • Integration-friendly: Facilitates easy system integration as it supports major tag IC features and is supported by most transponder ICs. It also employs the OS-independent interfacing concept, making it easier to integrate across applications.
  • Compact: It is available with a variety of antenna size options for easy integration in virtually any mobile or compact application
  • Offers total access to the data of contactless memory, high security and microcontroller-based cards
  • Developed using field upgradeable firmware which makes it future-proof
  • Enhanced anti-collision algorithm making it highly suitable for multi-card handling
  • Brings connectivity with the support of TTL and RS232
  • Provides a built-in RS232 interface along with integrated antenna and SAM socket
  • Optimized for maximum data throughput times on both the air and serial interface