HID® Passport Security Features

The most advanced technologies and methodologies available for safeguarding passports
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From personalized holograms and laser watermarks to advanced polymers and secure hinges, there are a multitude of features that can be incorporated into passports to make them more secure.

Applying a combination of technologies and methodologies is the key to securing an identity document. Some protect the data from alteration, while others protect the structure of the document. HID combines our own specialized features — and works with an array of partners — to offer issuing bodies custom solutions for safeguarding their identity documents utilizing the most advanced technologies and methodologies available.

HID Mirage™

HID Mirage is a window-based security feature combining five distinct elements: negative laser personalization, a bi-color metallic effect, a watermark effect, a vanishing image and a window seal. Its unique appearance makes it quick and easy to reliably authenticate identities under all lighting conditions.

HID Safelink

HID Safelink is a new hinge feature that delivers maximum security to polycarbonate datapages. Employing a continuous UV print pattern, Safelink protects against datapage replacement, while enhancing other windows-based datapage security features.

star image on passport