HID® Prelaminates

The optimal RFID solution for card manufacturers
HID Prelaminates

HID Global Prelaminate sheets or chipless inlays can be embedded in any RFID enabled card. Prelaminates may be customized to fit an existing scheme for single or multi-technology applications.

Prelaminates are ideal for manufacturers producing cards or tags for access management, public transportation, retail, loyalty, NFC and cashless payment applications. We can tune antennas and design custom size and thickness to enable optimized ISO card or non-ISO card form factors.

HID Global Prelaminates include durable layers in a variety of materials, which ensure protection of embedded electronics.

These possibly ultra-thin layers are optimized to extend credential life by withstanding mechanical wear and frequent use.

HID Global Prelaminates and Dual-Interface antennas are CQM certified and ideal for EMV card production.

Patented wire transfer or wire embedding technology assures optimal performance of the antenna and RFID transponder. A variety of integrated circuits are available to suit a broad range of uses. Our technical support services team can help integrate specialized chips, or develop custom antenna designs to fit your manufacturing and application needs.

HID can customize Prelaminates to fit your unique requirements.

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HID Global guarantees each Prelaminate will perform to specifications. Our quality assurance streamlines processing to keep your projects on time and on budget.

  • Application compatibility — one or combine multiple integrated chips
    • LF (125 kHz)
    • HF (ISO 14443 & ISO 15693)
    • NFC
    • RAIN® RFID (UHF)
    • Chipless antenna for dual interface cards (EMV, transport, e-ID…)
  • Form factor adaptability — Any dimensions, multiple material options and colors
  • Custom designed and manufactured
  • Available with HID Trusted Tag® Services for added security

For more detailed specifications, please download the Prelaminates datasheet.

HID Prelaminates
HID Prelaminates
Black PVC Dual Interface High Frequency
Blue PVC Contactless High Frequency
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