HID® R220 – R420 UHF Readers

Long-range UHF readers
R220 – R420 UHF Readers

The Impinj R220 and R420 are stationary, small-form factor, ultra-high frequency (UHF), Gen 2 RAIN® RFID readers used for long-range applications. They provide network connectivity between tag data and enterprise system software, offering many key features that increase application flexibility: Power over Ethernet (PoE) to simplify deployments without compromising performance, the reduction of costs and greenhouse gas emissions of existing RFID infrastructure, and a compact form factor to ease installation in tight spaces or embedded applications.

The R220 is a two-port configuration and the R420 is a four-port configuration. The two readers offer high-performance features, such as auto set, low-duty cycle, dynamic antenna switching, inventory search modes that improve tag population management, and receive sensitivity filtering for read-zone confinement. Their single-circuit board design delivers field-proven enterprise-class quality and reliability.

Key Benefits:

  • Small and powerful
  • Ideal for long-range applications
  • Two- and four- antenna port configuration options

HID R220 — R420 UHF Readers are part of the HID Textile Services linen inventory management solution, ACUITY.

  • RAIN RFID UHF operating frequencies 865 to 868 MHz
  • UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-63
  • Two (R220) or four (R420) monostatic antenna ports
  • Ethernet or serial Connection