Readers supporting strong PKI authentication

Readers supporting strong PKI authentication

HID Global's pivCLASS readers offer superior value in securing facilities and ensuring organizations are FIPS 201 compliant. The portfolio includes a broad selection of contactless, contact plus contactless and biometric readers. The readers are designed to work with the pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM) to meet the assurance level requirements defined in NIST Special Publication 800-116 and in the federal government’s FICAM E-PACS guidelines. Most pivCLASS readers can be deployed in either Wiegand or PAM mode. Wiegand mode is for use without a PAM and provides a phased deployment capability to support transition to FIPS 201 compliance. Conversion from Wiegand mode to PAM mode can be completed in the field by reconfiguring the reader firmware.

Key features include:

  • Simultaneous support for legacy cards and PIV cards during periods of transition
  • Multiple form factors: R10, R40, RK40, RKCL40 and RKCLB40
  • Can be deployed as transitional readers and later reconfigured to support strong authentication
  • Read multiple variants of FIPS 201 cards including: PIV, PIV-I, CAC, CIV, TWIC and FRAC
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R10 Mullion Reader 6100 - pivCLASS® Smart Card Readers
HID Global’s smallest pivCLASS reader is ideally suited for mullion-mounted door installations
Designed to mount and cover single gang switch boxes
Contactless reader with a keypad
pivCLASS Biometric Reader
HID Global’s pivCLASS® Biometric Reader is intended for use in areas requiring the highest level of security. This dynamic reader is suitable for meeting the FIPS-201 criteria for “Controlled”, “Limited” and “Exclusion” access areas.
pivCLASS RKCL40 - Contact & Contactless Reader
Combination, contact plus contactless reader with keypad and LCD
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