HID® Logi Tag® RFID Tags

Laundry and medical RFID tags for discreet and durable tracking
  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
Overview | Specifications

Logi Tag® industrial RFID transponders endure severe conditions while protecting data integrity. These small, thin discs enable discreet placement in a broad range of applications including medical and laundry tagging.

The newest Logi Tag® discs are ideal for tagging industrial tools and small equipment. Among the smallest industrial HF RFID tags available, Logi Tag® 081 and 121 units are assembled using patented direct bonding Vigo™ technology that enables HID to produce industrial RFID tags in thinner, smaller formats without compromising performance. They mount with industrial adhesives, with options for metal or non-metal surfaces.

Logi Tag HF transponders are NFC Tag Type 5 compliant when formatted with NDEF data structure. Alternatively, LogiTag 180 is a RAIN® RFID near-field UHF coin to be used with standard EPC-Gen2 equipment.

Through accurate item counting and better documentation, laundry handling companies use Logi Tag® laundry tags to increase garment productivity, reduce throughput time, and decrease stock requirements per customer.

Logi Tag® discs enable medical facilities to automatically track clothing, linens, rags, surgical sponges, and life-saving equipment. Effective medical tracking of reusable assets and verification of cleaning and sterilization procedures ensures better patient and staff safety through improved infection control.

Logi Tag® discs are easily sewn into the hem or seam of a garment, uniform, napkin, tablecloth or runner. They may also be affixed to custodial supplies, such as mats, mops, washrags and towels. The Logi Tag® Button 162 transponder is indistinguishable from ordinary buttons, and can be sewn onto clothing with standard stitching equipment and processes.

LogiTag 161 is also available in a radiation resistant, high-memory FRAM option for most demanding application scenarios.

Key Features

  • Inconspicuous - compact form factors conceal easily in textile assets, hand tools or small equipment.
  • Durable - resistant to extreme temperature, chemicals, fluids, industrial detergents and high pressure.
  • Powerful - rapid, accurate asset identification and data storage, with anti-collision functionality for simultaneous processing of multiple items.

HID can customize a tag to fit your unique requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming and materials.
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  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
Overview | Specifications

Logi Tag® discs are compliant with standard RFID readers and modules.

  • LF 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz or RAIN® RFID 860-960 MHz
  • NFC Tag Type 5 if NDEF formatted
  • 64-bit UID; up to 8 Kbyte read-write user memory
  • Anti-collision, multi-read capable (HF)
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Temperature resistant up to 347° F (175° C)
  • Options for mounting on metal or non-metal surfaces

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
  • HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags
Overview | Specifications