HID LinTRAK C15-M730 Tag

Specifically Designed to Be Discreetly Integrated Into Linen
  • HID LinTRAK C15-M730 Tag
Overview | Specifications

LinTRAK C15-M730 features a flexible design for discreet insertion into textile items, either under an oversize heat-seal label or directly sewn inside a hem or pocket. It is based on Monza M730 and offers a 40 percent read range improvement compared to its predecessor tag. This tag provides superior stability for laundry applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Specifically designed to identify linen products
  • Resistant to harsh laundry environments
  • Integrates the latest generation IC

The LinTRAK C15-M730 RAIN® tag is part of the HID® Textile Services linen inventory management solution, ACUITY.

  • HID LinTRAK C15-M730 Tag
Overview | Specifications

The compact-sized LinTRAK C15-M730 tag delivers up to 128-bit EPC, anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and read ranges over 26 feet (eight meters), as well as:

  • UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-63
  • Patented design that ensures reliable performance over tag life
  • High water, chemical, heat and pressure resistance
  • Ability to withstand up to 200 commercial washing cycles
  • Durable fabric housing that masks and protects RFID chip and antenna

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

  • HID LinTRAK C15-M730 Tag
Overview | Specifications