HID® RP9000

Printer for check-in and boarding gates
HID RP9000
Key Applications & Features

The RP9000 boarding gate receipt printer is a simple and reliable tool for printing receipts at airport check-in and boarding gates. It can be used to adjust seat assignments for passengers boarding with 2D barcoded boarding passes on home-printed documents or electronic media. In addition, it can be used to offer frequent flyer points receipts. As a plug-and-play accessory to HID Global’s range of boarding gate readers, the RP9000 is simple to deploy.

The RP9000 printer, via its USB interface, can also be employed as a low-cost check-in printer. Using a supplied USB driver, boarding passes can be easily printed using Windows’ spooler mechanism.

The compact design incorporates a large 90 mm diameter paper roll, providing 92 meters of paper, which minimizes operational disruption caused by roll changes.

Key Applications:

  • Printing boarding passes at check-in desk
  • Seat assignment for passengers with electronic or home-printed documents
  • Seat assignment changes at the gate
  • Frequent flyer points receipts

Key Features:

  • Passenger Experience: Simplifies passenger boarding and saves time
  • Big Capacity: 92-meter paper roll capacity with more than 1100 passengers between changes
  • Easy Operation: Compact and rugged design with fast, quiet operation
  • Simple Integration: Plug-and-play with HID Global’s boarding gate reader
  • Saves Time: Eliminates cutting and sorting
  • Printing method: Thermal line printing
  • Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Printing speed: 220mm/s
  • Paper width: 80mm or 82.5mm
  • Roll dimension: Up to 90mm diameter with 92-meter standard length roll For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

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