HID® SEEK™ Avenger

Rugged handheld scanner for fingerprint and iris capture
HID SEEK Avenger

The compact HID SEEK Avenger is the only fully-certified, biometric, multimodal enrollment and credential reading solution purpose-built to perform in the harsh and challenging environments of the military, border security and law enforcement. Combining forensic-quality fingerprint, stand-off dual iris capture, high-resolution facial and evidence imaging and multiple format credential reading, the SEEK Avenger delivers a lighter, smarter and faster solution.

Key Benefits

  • Built for outdoor usage and performance in harsh/challenging environments
  • Offline mode permits instantaneous identity confirmation
  • On-board watchlist allows fast assessment of individual
  • High-quality capture results in highly accurate matching
  • Easy and quick iris scanning
  • Integrated FAP 45 fingerprint sensor
  • Expand capabilities by integrating MRZ and RFID for passports, IDs and other credentials
  • SDK: HID SEEK Avenger (included)
  • Software: HID Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS)