HID® Credential Management Service

Strong Identity Management Cloud-based Solution
  • HID® ActivID® Credential Management Service
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The HID Credential Management Service is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the issuance and management of high assurance authenticators such as smart cards, smart USB tokens and mobile smart cards. With secure identities delivered as a service, organizations can more easily implement ‘zero trust’ networking among their users and better secure their IT systems.

Organizations can deploy these authenticators to users — primarily employees and contractors — for a wide range of security services such as access to desktops (Windows, Mac workstations), network access, access to VPN and to applications, secure email, document signatures and document encryption. Organizations may also deploy a converged badge that can protect access to buildings and IT systems.

The HID Credential Management Service provides:

  • Ease of deployment – HID hosts and manages your credential management service in a multi-tenant cloud environment hosted by Amazon AWS. You do not need to purchase extra equipment or licenses. You can start issuing credentials in just a few hours.
  • Lower costs – the service is provided as a flexible subscription license, reducing your capital expenditure costs.
  • Ease of integration – HID Credential Management Service integrates with your Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) user repository by leveraging the SAML federation standard protocol.
  • Trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – access to IdenTrust® TrustID digital certificates is included. Each authenticator managed by the service is issued with TrustID certificates for authentication, digital signature and encryption. These certificates are trusted by a wide range of computer and mobile devices on the market today.
  • Higher security – free your organization from passwords and password management challenges. You can deploy convenient two-factor authentication based on public key infrastructure without any complexity.
  • Flexible authenticator choices – choose physical or virtual authenticators or mix and match them to meet the needs of your dynamic user population.
  • HID® ActivID® Credential Management Service
Overview | Specifications


  • Smart Cards: HID Crescendo® 144K FIPS with choice of PACS credential
  • Smart USB Key: HID ActivKey® SIM with Crescendo 144K FIPS
  • Mobile App: HID Crescendo Mobile for Apple iOS® and Google Android™

Authenticator Credentials: Authentication, Digital Signature, Encryption Certificates issued by IdenTrust® TrustID™ certificate authority
User Management: Integration with Organization’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Hosting: Multi-tenant system hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • HID® ActivID® Credential Management Service
Overview | Specifications