Calypso & Cipurse-compatible operating systems
  • Picture of a circuit board

SOMA ATLAS merges the flexibility and security of our multi-application KIAT OS® with the functionality of Calypso, the leading operating system for transit applications. SOMA ATLAS V1's operating system is Calypso Rev. 3.1 certified, and SOMA ATLAS V1.C1 is compliant with Calypso Specification Rev.3 and with Cipurse open standard specs. An implementation for Calypso Light Application Protocol (CLAP) is available.

Key features:



  • Compliant with Calypso Specification Rev.3
  • Designed to work with contactless and dual-interface microcontrollers in compliance with the international standards ISO 7816 (up to 192 kbps T=1 and T=0) and ISO 14443 (up to 848 kbps)
  • Multi-profile: possibility to charge different TPL contracts in one card, granting access to different public operator services in different cities
  • Compliant with Calypso and Cipurse specifications
  • Latest technology and standards coupled with the market-leading operating system;
  • Organizations adopting Calypso today can switch to an open standard
    platform without any investment in infrastructure;
  • Rapid delivery

Both products feature a large flash memory capable of loading multiple contracts and cost-effective tokens. Their operating systems include:

  • KIAT functionalities 
  • ISO 7816-4 compliant data structure
  • Active Authentication / PIN
  • Transaction management
  • Secure messaging
  • Rollback functionality

SOMA ATLAS V1's and SOMA ATLAS V1.C1's COS Cryptographic algorithms are:

  • Cipher: DES (TDES, DESX) ECB-CBC
  • Signature: DES MAC8
  • MAC: ISO 9797, ISO 10118
  • Checksum: CRC16/CRC32
  • Random Number: Secure Random
  • Message digest: SHA-1, SHA-256
  • DES Key Size: up to 120-bit
  • Picture of a circuit board
  • Picture of a circuit board