HID® Trusted Tag Services™ ISO Card

Optimized for secure cloud authentication
HID Trusted Tag Services ISO Card

HID Global optimizes security, utility, and ease-of-implementation for NFC applications by combining recognized ISO-format cards with HID Trusted Tag Services, the cloud-based authentication platform that adds trust to Internet of Things Applications(IoT) by attaching unique and secure identities to virtually any object that can be read by a mobile device and can be used in business and consumer interactions, without compromising privacy.

With HID Trusted Tag Services, each simple tap of a pre-programmed Trusted Tag ISO Card on a smartphone or other NFC device generates a secure transaction. The standards-based cryptographic code changes with every use, enabling each tap to be individually authenticated.

Every time a user presents their card, a unique code is transmitted to the HID Trusted Tag Services cloud authentication for verification. Once verified – or not – the web-based application can generate an appropriate response to each card tap, while compiling results in real-time. Each interaction is distinct and non-replicable.

Achieve frictionless SaaS authentication for your ISO card based application (e.g. ID-badge verification via NFC phone). HID Trusted Tag Services are an ideal choice for “proof of presence”, time-and-attendance, brand protection and other Internet of Things applications using NFC-enabled smartphones today, and Bluetooth® smart devices in the future.

Epoxy Keyfobs and wet inlays are additional form factors optimized for Trusted Tag Services.

HID can create a custom ISO card to fit your application requirements for chip type, programming and materials. You can even embed multiple technologies in a single card, providing transition paths that connect NFC applications with legacy systems that use LF, HF or UHF.

Trusted Tag ISO Card highlights:

  • NFC, 13.56 MHz
  • Standards: ISO 10373, ISO 7816-1, ISO 14443A – NFC Tag Type 4
  • Globally recognized card format
  • Surface printable
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