HID® Tunnel HF Antenna

Robust and compact tunnel HF antenna
HID Tunnel HF Antenna

The HID Tunnel High-Frequency (HF) antenna incorporates a state-of-the-art, patented 3D antenna configuration to provide the best multi-read performance on the market. With a guaranteed 99.95% product read rate, a universal requirement in manufacturing plants and warehouses, the Tunnel HF antenna improves efficiencies in shipping, receiving and sorting by automating the inventory verification process.

The Tunnel HF antenna is robust yet compact. In only a few seconds, large numbers of RFID-enabled items — whether stacked, in bulk, in bags or boxes — can be reliably identified. The HID Tunnel HF antenna can be mounted on a conveyor (contact us for details).

The Tunnel HF antenna integrates seamlessly with the HID Textile Services HF reader and tag portfolio to provide a robust, RFID infrastructure solution for industrial laundries.

Key Benefits:

  • Robust and compact tunnel design
  • Ideal for multiple item identification and counting on conveyors
  • Reads items in bulk, bags or stacked
  • Optimal read rate performance with HID Textile Services Medio L40 reader
  • 13.56 MHz HF
  • Up to 99.95% read rate for 50+ RFID-enabled items at belt speed of 12 m/minute
  • Compatible with HID Textile Services Medio L40 HF Reader
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