HID Products

HID 1950g HID 1950g Handheld area-imaging barcode scanner
HID BGR135 HID BGR135 2D Boarding Gate Ticket Reader With Printer Port
HID BGR700 HID BGR700 Boarding Gate Reader (BGR)
HID BGR750 HID BGR750 Flatbed Contactless Passenger Processing Device
HID DLU100 HID DLU100 Ticket kiosk display
HID DLU200 HID DLU200 Touch Screen Driver Display
HID Janam RFID Readers HID Janam RFID Readers Rugged mobile computers and contactless access solutions
HID LSR116 HID LSR116 2D Barcode Reader
HID LSR118 HID LSR118 2D Barcode and NFC/RFID Reader/Writer
HID LSR120 HID LSR120 2D Barcode Reader
HID RP9000 HID RP9000 Printer for Check-in and Boarding Gates
HID TripTick™ 200 HID TripTick™ 200 OEM Barcode Ticket Reader