HID Products

HID Datapages and eCovers HID Datapages and eCovers Highly secure state-of-the-art datapage technology
HID ePassport Datapage Insert HID ePassport Datapage Insert Resilient, durable, and compliant laminated insert options for contactless ePassport booklets
HID ePrelaminate HID ePrelaminate Durable contactless e-ID card prelaminate inlays
HID Inlays HID Inlays Innovative inlays for e-Passports
HID Integrale™ HID Integrale™ Modular end-to-end systems for ePassports and eIDs
HID Prelaminated Inlays HID Prelaminated Inlays Innovative prelaminated inlays for eID Cards
HID SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems HID SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems Certified for ePassports and multi-application ID cards